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A Guide to the Best Apps for People with Disabilities in 2024

Greenstaff HomeCare is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. As technology evolves, so does the range of tools available to support accessibility and independence. In 2024, several innovative apps are making a significant impact.  

Here is a comprehensive guide to the best apps for individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and support workers. 


Wheelmap is a user-generated map that helps people with mobility impairments find wheelchair-accessible places. Whether you are looking for accessible restaurants, public restrooms, or shopping centres, Wheelmap provides real-time information to ensure seamless navigation through the city. 

Android Download - Wheelmap - Apps on Google Play 

Apple Download - Wheelmap on the App Store ( 



Petralex is a powerful hearing aid app that transforms your smartphone into a customisable hearing aid. It amplifies sound based on individual hearing profiles, providing a personalised hearing experience without the need for expensive hardware. 

Android Download - HEARING AID APP:PETRALEX 4 EAR - Apps on Google Play 

Apple Download - HEARING AID APP:PETRALEX 4 EAR on the App Store ( 



BeAware is an essential app for individuals with hearing impairments. It detects important sounds like doorbells, alarms, or crying babies and converts them into visual or vibrational alerts, ensuring users never miss crucial auditory cues. 

Android Download - BeAware d/Deaf Assistant – Apps on Google Play  

Apple Download - BeAware Deaf Assistant on the App Store ( 


Auslan Storytime (Free App) 

Auslan Storytime is a free app offering a collection of children's stories translated into Auslan (Australian Sign Language). It provides an engaging and educational experience for deaf children and those learning sign language, making storytelling accessible to all. 

Apple Download - Auslan Storytime on the App Store ( 


Seeing AI 

Developed by Microsoft, Seeing AI uses artificial intelligence to describe the world to visually impaired users. It reads text, identifies objects, and recognises faces, offering an enhanced understanding of the surroundings through audio feedback. 

Android Download - Seeing AI - Apps on Google Play 

Apple Download - Seeing AI on the App Store ( 


Voice Dream Reader 

Voice Dream Reader is an advanced text-to-speech app that reads aloud books, documents, and web pages. With customisable voices and reading speeds, it caters to individuals with dyslexia, visual impairments, or learning disabilities, making reading more accessible. 

Apple Download - Voice Dream Reader on the Mac App Store ( 


Audio Game Hub 

Audio Game Hub offers a collection of audio-based games designed for the visually impaired. These games utilise sound cues to create an immersive gaming experience, promoting entertainment and cognitive skills development. 

Android Download - Audio Game Hub - Apps on Google Play 

Apple Download - Audio Game Hub on the App Store ( 



Voiceitt is a groundbreaking app that helps individuals with speech impairments communicate more effectively. It recognises and translates non-standard speech patterns into clear, understandable speech, bridging the communication gap for users. 

App Download - Superyou Tech x Voiceitt  



Sesame-Enable provides touch-free control of smartphones and tablets, allowing individuals with limited hand mobility to use their devices effortlessly. By tracking head movements, it ensures full access to all smartphone functionalities without physical touch. 

App Download - Sesame Enable ( 



MITA (Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism) is an engaging app designed to improve language and cognitive skills in children with autism. Through a series of interactive puzzles and exercises, MITA supports developmental progress in a fun and educational manner. 

Android Download - Language Therapy for Children - Apps on Google Play  

Apple Download - Language Therapy for Kids–MITA on the App Store ( 



Proloquo2Go is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app designed for non-verbal individuals. It provides a robust set of tools for constructing sentences, offering a voice to those who struggle with speech, and enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. 

Android Download - Proloquo2Go – Download Proloquo2Go App for Android (  

Apple Download - Proloquo2Go AAC on the App Store ( 


These apps are revolutionising the way individuals with disabilities interact with the world, offering enhanced independence and improved quality of life. At Greenstaff HomeCare, we believe in leveraging technology to support our participants needs and empower them to live more fulfilling lives.