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Disability Support and NDIS

We support both privately funded and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded clients.

We can support you as you strive to achieve your goals in independent living. We believe that you are the best person to make decisions about your life and we are committed to including you or your nominee in developing the services and supports we provide to you. You are always in control.

We want you to feel safe and respected and understand you have the right to be accepted for who you are and have your needs and identity recognised.

You may use your NDIS funding to engage our disability support services if:

  • You self-manage your NDIS funds:

You may directly book services with us. Greenstaff will issue you the service invoice for you to submit claims.

  • A plan manager manages your NDIS funds:

You may connect Greenstaff with your plan manager to facilitate service bookings using your NDIS funds.

Not sure where to start? 
We’re here to help.

1. Speak to our HomeCare Team

Call us at 03 9021 0130 or complete our Enquiry form.

2. Coordinate a Plan together

Our team will work with you, listen to your needs to achieve the best care outcome. 

3. Your individualised care begins

Our team will continue to seek feedback to ensure care expectations are met. 

How we help

Disability Support and NDIS

Your services are tailored to your needs and we support you to live your life your way. Empowering you to achieve your personal independence.

Personal Care in the Home

Personalised and respectful support is provided to give priority to your dignity so you feel comfortable in your own home.



24 Hour Care

If you have complex care needs and require around-the-clock care, we can arrange this either on a temporary or more permanent basis.

Overnight Care

We are able to provide care throughout the night which may provide your loved ones the opportunity for an uninterupted sleep.    

Transport & Medical Escort

Transport & assistance helping you to get to your medical appointments & services on time.

Domestic Assistance

Get help with your everyday tasks in and around the home. We can assist with meal preparation, cooking & light household cleaning.



Social Outings & Support

Helping you access activities, social and community events, your employment, educational studies or volunteering activities.


Everyone enjoys being around someone who gives you the freedom to be yourself. Let us help.

Specialised Nursing Care

Nursing service in your home from a registered nuse can help you with multiple services including wound dressings, catherta & bowel care through to ventilation management.  



Dementia Care

We can support and assist with minimising the effects and behaviour of dementia and get to know what works best.  



After Hospital care

We can assist you in the transition back into your home and provide the care and support you need in your recovery.